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Benefits of Bones

Raw Bones Only – No Cooked Raw bones clean teeth like no other chews in the world. Raw bones can take a long time to chew and when your dog has eaten all the meat, the bone can last for weeks! Raw Bones are rich with minerals such as calcium and phosphorus. Raw Bones remove…
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Studies on the Raw Diet – Dr. Becker

By Dr. Karen Shaw Becker DVM “Recently I was reading an article at a pet-related site about trends in pet food, and the author mentioned that while raw diets have been “all the rage” over the last few years, there’s still no scientific evidence available as to their effectiveness. On the one hand, this is…
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Cats & Raw Diet

Cats even more than dogs should be fed a species appropriate diet and that means NO DRY KIBBLE. The following article is from Please read all their online information regarding what cats need for the best nutrition. “All cats are obligate carnivores that means they must have real animal protein in their diets. Obligate means…
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Elevated Liver Enzymes Understanding Blood Panels

Elevated liver enzymes from blood panels can really scare pet parents. This podcast will help you know when it's serious and when it's not. Dr. Judy Jasek, DVM
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Know This Before Your Next Vet Visit – Important Information Revealed

Today we arm pet parents with incredible knowledge needed when visiting your vet. Don't go without hearing this first.
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Do Dogs Need Grains for a Healthy Heart?

Grains in Dog Food Is It Good Or Bad? What is the Truth? Why is There So Much Confusion? The Cancer Vet Has Your Answer
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The Truth About Salmonella and Raw Dog Food

Vets will tell you DON'T feed a raw diet because you are 60% more likely to contract salmonella poisening than if you feed kibble. Is this the truth? Find out o
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The Easy Way To Transition from Kibble to Raw

Take the guess work out of how to switch your dog from kibble to raw. Here is the easy way to get your dog on a raw healthy diet.
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Low Fat Diet For Dogs Can Be Dangerous and Futile Do this Instead

Dog Obesity is on the rise as is low fat diets. Sure your dog will survive on low fat diets but is it the best you can do for your precious pet?
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When It Comes to Raw Dog Food AAFCO Standards Are Dangerous for Dogs

Don't be Raw Fooled AAFCO Labeling may make you feel better but it could make your dog feel worse! Is it just a market ing ploy. Get the raw truth.
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Did you know?

Didja Dog

Synthetic vitamins aren’t a good choice for your dog. That’s obvious. But nearly all commercial and some raw-pet foods contain them. China owns over 90% of the vitamin C market in the US and most of the vitamins in dog foods are manufactured in China and India. This should worry conscious pet parents because only 2 percent of all imported vitamins are inspected. And China’s top vitamin and supplement producing areas are among the most polluted in the world.