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Raw Feeding Cheat Sheet

How to Start A Species Appropriate Raw Diet for Pets Cold turkey!  Dump the kibble or processed food and fast pup for 12 hours. Then begin! Food Sensitivities Dogs and cats are very sensitive to the high sugar content and insulin spiking ingredients found in dry kibble food. Our pet’s guts were not made to…

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Raw Feeding – Adult Dog

Just starting your raw feeding journey? It’s super easy – really! Your biggest decision has already been made. You’ve decided to take your dog off a highly processed, dead, insulin spiking, synthetic vitamin and minerals, gut damaging dry kibble food.  “Friends Don’t Let Friends Feed Kibble.” Not sure how much to feed? Got to our easy…

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Dog Refuses Raw Food

It happens from time to time. Especially with older dogs who have only ever known kibble their entire lives. Some don’t like the texture of raw after their hard kibbles. But don’t fear there are many options: 1. Dogs like foods that stink! We suggest transitioning your dog with only Green Tripe for the first…

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Picky Eaters

Picky eaters can frustrate even the most patient pet parents. So take your time and purchase different proteins to see what lights your pup up! Feeding Tip: The stinkier the better. Dogs primarily use their sniffers not their pallets to make eating decisions.Purchase any blend with Tripe or purchase straight green tripe and add to…

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My Dog Stopped Drinking As Much Water

Raw food is 70 -80% moisture rich! All the moisture needed to digest raw food is contained in a raw diet. Cooked food and dry kibble have very little moisture content and require your pet to drink and drink and drink water in order to digest those hard dry kibble and bits. Much research into…

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Poop Changes and What They Mean

Raw food diets usually produce small, hard balls of poop that are easily passed and turn white and crumble and blow away in a day or so if you forget to pick them up. This is totally normal. I’ve had some people go back to feeding kibble, because no one explained that their pet’s poop…

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Sensitive Stomach – What Really Causes It

By Stella Wilkes  What is Leaky Gut Syndrome Inside your dog or cats’ digestive tract (and yours) is something called a microbiome.  This is a colony of bacteria that live throughout your pets’ body, but the largest, and most important, colony, lives in your dog or cats’ intestines and gut and plays a vital part…

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Think Before Giving Antibiotics & Vaccines

By Certified Pet Nutritionist Nealy Piazza Before you agree to antibiotics and medications for your pup has your vet given you the full list of pro’s and cons? This is called Informed Consent. Are you thinking about giving your dog antibiotics? Well think again. Then think a third time, and ultimately decide NOT to do…

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Amazing Whole Food Vitamin and Minerals From the Raw Diet

Real Food – Real Nutrition You can also add Phytoplankton for Extreme Nutrition Here is a list of Top Vitamins & Minerals Found In the Raw Diet VITAMIN K Promotes healthy liver function. Helps bone formation and repair. Increases longevity. Protein Sources: Egg, halibut, haddock, Hake, sardine, liver VITAMIN E Antioxidant which helps prevent cancer and heart…

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